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W O R T H   R E P E A T I N G

"Held the attention of the audience in a very professional way.. illusions were extremely mystifying and awesome which only added to an already entertaining show" ManuLife Insurance

"The illusion show was very professionally done and was extremely well received by the audience. I was particularly impressed by the way in which they geared their show towards a contemporary crowd" National Bank of Canada

"Bravo!  Simply tremendous performance!" - United Way 

"As mentioned in many passenger rating cards, their show was very entertaining and they them- selves were extremely professional on and off stage" Holland America Cruises 

"That was fantastic!" "Absolutely brilliant!" - CTV Toronto

"The duo's magic which was always performed with the utmost professionalism, was well-received by all passengers... I would not hesitate to recommend the Magic of Ken & Barbi Poynter for any cruise line" Regent Cruises

"They are capable of making you believe in magic" -The Mirror

"Magician Ken Poynter was such a hit that he's now probably booked for the year"The Toronto Sun

"Amazing!" - CHUM FM Toronto

"Show was great!" - 96.3 FM Radio

"In a few minutes, it was no illusion that the Poynters had gained new fans. With the proper amount of theatre and pizzazz, Poynter's every action was like a choreographed dance" - Haliburton Echo